It’s the simple things in life! 

Good afternoon lovlies! It’s a beautiful sunny day, I have a spare hour so thought better get finger out bum (not literally) and get back into my blogging routine! So many lovely but simple things have made me smile and appreciate life even more recently so I thought I would share!

My amazing little Evie is just such an inspiration to me which makes me proud and grateful to be mummy to this fantastic little human. I told you all about Rabbie Burns inspired poems that the kids were learning at school and shared Crocodile with you. Each class had a competition against all the pupils, then 3 from each class got chosen for school semi-finals, then the finals was against the local schools. Evie got to the semi finals and won 2nd place. 💓😍😊  Evie has had to work so hard with her speech so just to stand in front of her class was a HUGE achievement on its own, but to get put in top 3 then to stand up in front of her whole school then come in 2nd for her age group was just a spectacular achievement in our eyes. 

On the day Evie found out she was chosen to go to the semi finals the excitement and pride was just priceless. It was the day of after school activity of cook club. I help set up so I was carrying chopping boards and utensils when Evie came bounding down the corridor shouting ‘Mummy I got picked for semi finals I am so proud of me!’ I did a balancing of everything dance to celebrate the happy moment. The next day my husband & I nervously clocked watch hoping she was enjoying the experience. That morning in bed with Evie for our morning cuddle she told me she was worried/nervous. I told her to repeat our little mantra which is ‘I can do it yes I can! Who can do it? Evie Broon can!’ I walked quickly to school to hear the results which Evie quickly said I never got to finals but guess what I came in 2nd which makes me happy and I will win next year! That’s the attitude to have! 

Another simple thing that has made me smile this week is Evie wanting to go to get school disco! Evie was not great with loud environments especially discos. She would cling to my leg and just sit with me and not join in. I decided taking her until she wanted to enjoy it was pointless as I don’t agree with making anyone do something they don’t want to. Evie said when letter came through she wasn’t going. Yesterday I thought I would ask again though she completely surprised me and said she wanted to go. So quick look through her clothes and found a lovely 💓 patterned outfit, sparkly trainers and a tiny bit of make up on and off my little girl went to get school Valentine’s disco. I have her £5 which covered her ticket and treats for tuck shop. It was from 6.15pm – 7.15pm. I dropped her off and picked her up. As I was approaching school gates 1 of mums said how funny Evi was and how she danced with her son and was cutest sight. As I got Evie she said she had the best time. She danced to her favourite songs, got a kiss on cheek (not to tell daddy) and to make it even better all her fave snacks were at tuck shop so since it was a special night she thought she would have 2 of everything! 🙊🙈😂

I got a new job! have had interview last week and felt I gave a good interview but after 4 days of not hearing I accepted I hadn’t got it! On Monday I got the phone call to say they are delighted to give me job! I am an activity coordinator for residents in a nursing home of 45 residents with both dementia and altzhimers. The salary is best I have had and the challenge is very appealing to me along with fantastic hours of Tuesday-Thursday 8am-4pm. I am just waiting on my police checks then I start.

So a few simple things that have made me happy this week! 

Have a nice day!

💓Mrs Broon xx

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