Reminiscing! Part 1…

2 years tomorrow,18/02/19 I will be 2 years married. So today’s post is my experience of wedding planning and the day itself! 

July 23rd 2016 we were child free for the whole weekend. At this stage we very rarely had this oppurtunity. So when we did we took full advantage. On the Friday night I had arranged to have a drink at my friends house who lives near by. We took this to extreme & partied all night. My other half had arranged to have a boys day out in the Saturday. Me & my friend partied till we dropped. I went to my bed mid afternoon and looked forward to just staying there till next day. I was having a fantastic sleep when I woke up to my other half shaking me awake at around 7pm. I do not take kindly to people wakening me up and quite frankly thoughts of murder do cross my mind. As I was about to hurl verbal abuse I see my other half on 1 knee. ‘Jacquii I am asking once and once only, you have 10 seconds to answer and I won’t ask again! Will you marry me? Tick tock tick tock! 10,9,8…..’ As I quickly realised what was going on I quickly shouted yes! Though I thought it was a drunk joke & I went back to slesp! As I woke the next day I looked at my other half who was grinning like a Cheshire cat. I was like omg did you propose to me? He smiled and said yes but let’s get married asap do you think you can plan it in 3 months? I still didn’t believe it until he phoned his mum to tell her. Her response made me laugh so much as she was like oh are you dying? As he always said he would never marry. His response was no but when I do die at least I will be married to my true love! 😊

My ideal wedding in my head was going abroad just us & the kids due to my parents being divorced and not having a good relationship. The thought of the 2 of them in same room all day filled me with dread. My other half on the other hand was like no we have to do here as he would have to not give my parents the chance to see me get wed. So I agreed. I was given a budget so I started the planning. The only party planning I had ever done was house parties for Evie at home. How hard could it be? As I started phoning round venues for quotes the reality of the timescale and the task ahead sank in. We looked at December but felt was to soon so we decided 18/02/17. 

After 6 weeks looking we found the perfect location which was a townhall in our next town which has just be regenerated and took our breath away. Now I was give a budget (that completely went out the window!) I had never in a million years realised how many people could be upset over my choices I was due to make. My hubby to be had said I was in control of all planning he would provide the money and turn up on the day. I ran everything past him 1st. Oh my goodness the guest list! This was where the conflicts of others began. My dad said to me when we were out for lunch 1 day that it was our wedding do it how we want to and invite who we want as that was 1 of his regrets. I always kept this in my head and found it very valuable advice! 

The guest list was drafted! To keep in within budget we had to many guests!After several discussions we decided that the uncle’s from my dad’s side that we didn’t like would not be invited, my step brothers and partners would be on the reserve list as we couldn’t expect relatives who were travelling 300 miles just to be on the night invites, though we knew a few wouldn’t make it so I knew fine well my step brothers would get all day invites. The reactions of the family and my dad was unexpected in a way! This resulted with my dad telling me 5 weeks before 1 of the most important events in my life that he wouldn’t be a part of our wedding or our lives again! This might sound bizzare but the stress that was lifted from me in that moment was huge! 

So anyhoo back to the wedding. The venue was decided, the guest list finally decided now was time for the DIY. After a lot of discussion, we didn’t want presents. We had lived together since 2011 we had everything we needed. So we decided to donate to a charity. A close friend of ours husband died of a rare cancer in 2016. Our friend’s son had the cancer gene. The only way to destroy it was to give him a new immune system. We decided straight away to donate all money received for The Bubble Foundation in Newcastle which would contribute towards equipment for this wonderful charity.

Well I shall continue this is another part as I don’t want to send you lovelies to sleep! πŸ˜‚

πŸ’“Mrs Broon xxx

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