Conversations, statements & thoughts of a 6 year old girl!

Good morning everyone! Hope your all well. It’s a lovely winter sunny morning here in Ayrshire. Was having a think about what could I write about. Well conversations and random thoughts Evie had made me smile and laugh alot. So I just thought I would share some of the thoughts and statements over the past week.

1. As said in other posts I love to jump into bed with Evie to wake her up as we have cuddles and random chats before the day begins. A morning last week I jumped in for this week day routine and cuddle in and give Evie 6 kisses on back of head as she is 6 & I like to pester her. I always get the most stunning sleepy smile which melts my heart every day then comes the clusters of chat straight from what she has dreamt about. Not this morning! I got ‘I have a wedgie!’ πŸ˜‚πŸ™ŠπŸ™ˆ I’m not sure if wedgie Scottish slang, for those who don’t know what it means, simply pants are stuck up your bum! πŸ˜‚πŸ™Š

2. The celebrations of Rabbie Burns are popular at school and I suppose in Ayrshire in geneneral. A song the kids learned was a favourite of mind as a child and to sing to Evie when she was little. It goes like this.

Oh yi canni shove yir granny aff a bus (Push Push)

Oh yi canni shove yir granny aff a bus (Push Push)

Oh yi canni shove yir granny, coz she’s yir mammy’s mammy,

Oh yi canni shove yir granny aff a bus.
 But yi can shove yir other granny aff a bus! (Push push)

Yi can shove yir other granny aff a bus (Push push)

Oh yi can shove hit other granny as she’s yir daddy’s mammy

Oh yi can shove yir other granny aff a bus!
Evie was very confused and concerned after she sang this to and with me. Evie has 2 grans who both she adores! My mum is Granny Gracey, my mother in law is Granny Jinet. My mum is 5ft 5 and 57.( I think😱) Jinet is 75 and 4ft 10 and now not very mobile. Evie looked at me and said ‘Right nae offence to Granny Gracey but I would need to shove her aff the bus as poor granny jinet tiny and ancient and I just can’t shove her aff a bus! Aha! I have it!What if daddy took her place as I don’t want to shove granny gracey either and daddy would enjoy the peace and quiet in the hospital afterwards!

After composing myself after the laughing fit I took through this conversation I had to explain the song is just a little bit of humour and fun but we do not shove anyone off a bus! 

3. Evie caught sickness but from school on Wednesday, it kindly done the rounds through each of us in the house. I can usually skip the bugs but not this 1! So yesterday I spent the day being sick. In between I had to go to bed. My body just screamed SLEEP! I woke up with a note on my pillow. It was Evie. It said Mummy I love you! You are the best with a big ☺ face. This just melted my heart! 

I could write all day about silly conversations but my day is busy with prep for week ahead! Have a lovely day all and hope this made you smile!

πŸ’“Mrs Broon!


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