Omg….Am I insane??? Life without a mobile!

I always get obsessed with 1 thing or another. In the summer it was my step count that was latest obsession. I didn’t have a fitbit so I used the step counter on my phone. I kept in my bum pocket and unlike the lucky men who can just whip it out to pee, I had forgot AGAIN my phone was in my bum pocket and when I went for a pee, down my phone went for the 3rd time down the loo! This was 1 drop to many and my poor phone went routine heaven!

My other half looked at me with that look of despair.Money had been tight so I decided since it was due to clumsiness I could wait until we had the spare cash. I have a house phone and a tablet with internet access at home so I would learn to cope.

Honestly 6 months in and I don’t have any desire to have a mobile now. The peace & quite is heavenly. Every time I am out you are everyone glued to phones. The poor kids just craving attention. I am loving going out and about where my time is devoted to Evie when she is with me. We chat, we laugh, we play and she’s getting 100% from me, not a mutter of wait just now. It’s not just great for Evie, it’s amazing for me! I am enjoying and savouring those little moments! Our little people are a little bit older tomorrow! We are that little bit older tomorrow! Why waste our precious time in technology binging? I now just don’t get it! 

I have also had people comment to me when on bus trips how nice it is to actually see a mum genuinely enjoying a conversation with their kid without distractions. I know when I start working I will need to get a phone but it will be a cheap 1 with calls and texts only as I’m enjoying the head space so much and conversations with a 6 year old are amazing. So I dare you to try it for a week and I bet you surprise yourself with the results.

Love 💘 Mrs Broon


4 thoughts on “Omg….Am I insane??? Life without a mobile!

    • mrsbroon says:

      It is very sad!
      On our rare nights out we only allow phones when other at loo or to phone a taxi. We try to enjoy our conversations that don’t involve our little person and keep in mind why we fell in love in 1st place!


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