Seeing life at almost 6!

Conversations with my mini me makes me laugh,smile and ponder the world goings on through Evies vision! It’s an interesting way to look at the world from an almost 6 year olds perspective. A very important daily ritual for us is our morning snuggles. I jump into Evies bed where we have big cuddles and a good chat about what we have been dreaming about, what our goals are for the day ahead and what our naughty little house guest (Cookie Chubby Cheeks the elf) has been up to. We both love The Greatest Showman especially the song Never Let you Go. This makes me squeeze Evie as tight as I can saying I’ll never ever let you go. This results with hysterical laughter of Evie trying  to get out my grip. These simple 10 minutes in the morning makes me grateful for all ahead in my usual busy day!

In these 10 minutes I find out so much,if my daughter has slept. Evie is a superhero most nights and also known as Batburd!Batburds responsibility is very serious!These responsibilities are to ensure all the boys& girls do there duties to ensure all elves have delivered to all the schools! The elves at moment are ensuring all mischief is delivered correctly!

Once Evie has sussed out what Cookie Chubby Cheeks has been up to which is usually a pile of naughtiness. He has been in our living room creating mayhem by making swings, climbing trees, eating chocolate, eating ceral, in the shower having a bath and a shower, decorating the bathroom with shaving foam, hiding behind the mirror and of course in Evies bedroom making a good old mess! All these antics makes Evies day. She can’t wait to get into school to tell everyone. It’s a very interesting topic within school! 

I love seeing the excited chatter from the kids each day as they all wonder about elves! One boy who is a close friend of Evies couldn’t wait to let me know that the magic elves are up to all sorts, always watching and excited about their next moves!

Now looking at all these little things from an almost 6year olds eyes is just complete pleasure! It makes me grin from ear to ear! Why? Well the other day as I went to get Evie, all I could see was 3 elves, 1 in Evies class called Sparkles, 1 called Jingles and 1 called Jangles. Little H.P who is 6 came running up to me! Evies mummy I need to tell you the gossip! Ok H.P till me in! Well firstly Sparkles came into class sneaked into my cup changed my cup to a plate, got snowflakes covered our classroom with snow and ice, took my jotter and made it another colour! The cheeky grin from Harry made me smile from ear to ear! 

So looking at the world through an almost 6 year old point of view is very intresting! It makes fun thinking and nice to look and certainly a more fun way to see the world through their eyes! More fun &excitement if you ask me! 

Love Mrs Broons xx

My Gratitude Tuesday!

1. School Nativity Rehersals.

2. Being able to find a working pen!

3. Morning snuggles with my girl.

4. Managing getting up on 1st alarm at 05:30 

5. Hot coffee 

6.Cookie Chubby Cheeks activity

7. A walk 

8. Singing on way to school

9. Making a dance routine up in lift

10. A chat on phone with my mumsy

Evil Step-Mammy!

First time I was seeing Billy I had no dealings with Holly as we were never at that stage of relationship.I always knew of her granny lived few doors down plus her uncle was in my class at school. Billy was born 1992 &  William 2002, Evie was due 2012 but arrived late!  Billy seen Hollys mum for around 15 years. They had split about that 2nd time I got with Billy! Williams mum & Billy never worked out.Billy was single 6 years, had enough of woman and decided single for rest of life & concentrate on the kids. Holly lived with Billy when we started seeing each other.

First night we all ended at a party. Now I have a scar on my right wrist up on my arm due to not paying attention to black ice under snow, going on my arse in Paisley High Street at 08:30 on a Sunday morning, no I wasn’t drunk I was just on way home from  work sleepover. I broke wrist and needed 2 operations.Anyhoo, back to party! Holly noticed my wrist and assumed I was a self harmer! Billy & I were steaming! We were having sneaky kisses in kitchen. Got a taxi at 05:30’and but Billy jumped out at my mums and we stood in the street, kissing like teenagers which was amazing. I was staying at my mums temporary while I was looking for a flat of my own. We had a date planned for following Friday. It was so silly all the 2 of us done was laugh. I stayed over that night! Was good though actually I was far to bloody steaming and crashed out in seconds!

I did the walk of shame round to my mums really early. Billy asked me round the next night to see him before he went to Spain to see his best mate who was working over there in a bar. Found I went, Holly was home. I was in kitchen and Holly straight away said to me “What Labour intentions towards my dad? “My reply, I have no idea but what I do know is that he makes me proper smile and belly laugh! I am just really enjoying company and don’t want to put a title on us yet!” Her feply, good enough answer for me you make him proper smile which I haven’t seen before. For now William will be told you are an old friend incase he pops in while you are here! William was only 8, he always hoped him and his mum would get back together & was never pleased if a woman spoke to his dad. I never introduced myself to William until about 8 months later when he came for a sleepover to my new house with his dad. Over our dating months I got to know Holly really well and we got on brilliant. 

Billy was going away for a lads weekend to London Derry so he said to Holly if Jac in Kilwinnjng tonight offer her to stay and of course she has my bed. I stayed! What a laugh we had together! Was just so relaxed. Billy had phoned to say time due back and please stay over I really really missed you! By this stage I knew I was in love and happy!

8 years in, Holly & I have had 1 argument! We always just get on. If we don’t agree we will sort out. We go on nights out together to pub. Reactions are hilarious when people here I am Evil! That is my title in Hollys contacts!  I can tell her anything, she is there day or night if I need her and vice versa.She is a fantastic sister, beautiful, clever and a good role model for Evie. She was a bridesmaid at our wedding and I am 1 at hers next year. 

William & I get on good! We always just take the piss out of each h other! William lives with his aunty. His mum has several issues. I always let William come to me on his terms.We slowly built a very strong bond between us. I do not put up with any of his lazy ways or attitude when here. He is an amazing but protective brother of Evie. People do say oh they are step siblings. No they are not! They have same dad so each others dna is in them! They are alike in so many ways. Although 10 &  20 years age difference those 3 have a bond& love that no one will break! 

I love being a step parent, it can be difficult at times as my opinion isn’t always same as Billy’s with parenting. On a whole though we are strong United team! Any tips you may ask? 

1. Always be you do not ever do 2 faces as you will instantly not be trusted! Also you are not their mum!

2. They were family first. I had show myself worthy of this commitment to them! 

3/ Never lie to them.

4. Don’t be a walk over! 

5/ Just enjoy the beautiful moments you all share!

1st week of December…..Over so quick!

8days have passed by ever so quickly, even more so than usual. Each evening as soon as Evie falls asleep, Billy & I have been teaming up with great ideas for Cookie Chubby Cheeks. The 2 of us uncontrollably laughing as we decide on silly antics! It has been head 1st into ceral box with red glitter on its bum, up on top of our Christmas 🌳which went up on Tuesday night, decorating Evies room with rollers and billys drill. As soon as Evies eyes have opened in morninf, she excitedly jumps out bed and then carefully looks from room to room, scanning for what has been moved then realising advent is waiting to be opened, then trying to open mine & Billys saying she’s just helping although she really is just chancing luck for an extra 2 chocolates! 

The big clear out of the house is underway! I have been really ruthless chucking out alsorts which has felt amazing as I’m feeling more prepared for the unwritten chapter that is due to unfold in our lives. At school the festivities are well under way. Sparkle day on 03/12/18 saw the arrival of 7 school elves and all children wearing sparkle. Evie went looking like a green glitter ball! 07/12/18 was Christmas jumper day & school fair. Evie for the 1st year ever was so excited along with patient as she waited in the que to see that man called Santa. Her little mind going crazy contemplating what the best answer was from the Christmas list to inform him that she would love. I got a fantastic happy picture of Evie & Santa πŸŽ… so I’m very pleased after 5 years there is a happy looking picture. 

It has been a week of rehersing for Evie as she learns her moves and remembers each song for the big showcase of the school annual nativity which is Wednesday& Thursday this week. Evie is a dancing πŸ‘! This makes me 1 proud mummy! I cannot wait to watch with pride and happy tears. Note to self do not wear mascara as I will look like a crazy hysterical panda! Tickets are now purchased along with unwanted tins from my kitchen(the red kidney beans that have sa t around a year will finally be used) as a donation for our community food bank! Panto ticket purchased for Evie for their school outing! Christmas card list has been made so now just to either make or buy over next 3-4 days then buy stamps and forget to post the 1s needed and they will go into kitchen junk drawer forever! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­

This evening I seriously need to get online shopping of Evies gifts underway. I have a continuous changing list in my head which will be transformed into a real list this evening! I have this wonderful idea of gift making this year for our family & friends! Now this will either go down a treat or cause me a huge meltdown! I am hoping the 1st! So my week ahead will be all about getting the prep under way along with birthday planning. Yesterday Evie sat beside me and gave me a step by step time table of her idea of a perfect birthday! It made me smile& I will try my very best to ensure she recieves the perfect day she deserves! 

Now I better get on with the day ahead. I would quite happily sit and watch the weeks replay of friends all day but I have promised the grannies we will visit today! 

I hope you all have a beautiful Sunsay!

Love Mrs Broon! Xx

I am going to have an affair……with my husband ofcourse!

18 years ago Billy walked me home from a lock in we had at a pub we worked together in. I went to go into my path towards my front door as he took my hand, pulled me to him cupped my face with his other hand, looked at me with pure desire and kissed me! I remember skipping up the stairs thinking WOW what just happend there! From that night the passion between us was ELECTRIFYING! He knew how to drive me wild, he had me hooked like a drug! Every time we laid eyes on each other we needed that next hit! 

This went on 6months. The problem was I was with someone else! It didn’t stop me though. My ex proposed to me, I thought ok he is the safe sensible option I shall say yes, I will stop my fling with Billy. When the proposal happend Billy was there, the ring fell and somehow landed at Billys feet. I will never forget that look of sadness in his eyes knowing it was time to stop the madness of what it was between us. He came up to mine to talk, I heard my ex coming up my stairs, Billy quickly jumped out window and slid down the drain pipe! 

It took me months to get over him, I missed the passion and the excitement. I ended it with my ex as he didn’t deserve the heartache and I knew I wasn’t in love! I moved on with my life and so did Billy. He met a woman and she fell pregnant, she started shouting at me 1 day pointing out she was not me and Billy was in love with me! I could not bring myself to even process what she was screaming at me as I knew there was a new born child who needed a mum&dad. I moved area’s for a fresh chapter. This was in 2001.

Jumping forward to 2010. December 11th, it was my grans 80th birthday. I walked into pub to meet my family and there was Billy! My heart skipped a beat! He smiled and said, “Had a feeling you would appear today, it’s been a while!” We chatted and flirted all evening. I knew I still felt something special or was it just a trip down memory lane? He was single now, I was too. He told me his address and invited me down, so I chapped the door, he opened, I walked in and he gently pushed me against wall and kissed me! 

The rest i suppose is obvious. We got together and created a spectacular relatipnship. 8 years in we are married, have our own daughter and I have the privilege of being evil step mammy.(joke with my step kids)

Life has changed though, responsibility of being mummy is big part of this from my point of view. Well this is why I have decided it’s time to have our affair together, remembering those feelings of lust, passion between us as I can’t remember the last time we had a good old snog and basically jumping each other simply because life in general takes over without realising. Time to remember why we fell in love and made this far!
Love πŸ’˜ Mrs Broon x

Cookie Chubby Cheeks…..Our mischievous elf!

Β£2.49, thinking outside the box along with some crafting with materials lying about the house has created beautiful memories and halirious reactions from Evie! I am not a star trek or star wars fan. My hubby loves to watch every evening for 2 bloody hours. Me & Evie decided to make banners saying No more star trek with a protest march around our house. So last night I was hatching my plan for Elf on shelf. Billy suggested to bring in star trek so I made I love star trek banner. Letter from Santa saying thank you to paw broon for the lads time. Evies horrified disgusted look made me chuckle!

Taking dads shower cream and the hunt for where Cookie was made me smile, and nutella gave him sugar rush! Xx

Searching Soul Sunday…..

29 days left of 2018. It’s been 1 crazy twisting roller coaster ride of my emotions.I will be pleased to turn the final page of this year, it has been 1 of my sluggish years.I ha e learned so much, understanding ME as ME and !going me, realizing mishaps but finding another way to problem solve various puzzles within life.

This week well last week now at few unexpected obstacles abruptly popped up to try &knock out family out of a winning position, but we haven’t fallen. Just changed our strategy approach!  My husband got paid off work on Friday. The way it happens was like a dirty unexpected  tackle in a match. We are up to necks in bills, Christmas is 23 days and Evie is 29 days. Am I worried? No!  I am relieved and relaxed!  Wh y? We have each other as a family. I trust my husband with total belief in him. He will get a job very quickly, so will i. Evie will receive her amazing birthday and Christmas, I have my husband home for a bit of time &enjoy each other. We will tackle more together over this week. This excites me as I know I have sort of drifted into snooze mode within marriage and family life. 

2019 is The Broons year of sparkle and achieving with both individual and team efgort. I feel to smash this we let go and say meantful goodbyes to all we need closure too. It’s all done near the end but enough time to dig deep and find that hurried treasure your souls search for then once found and opened your sparkle is unleashed very bright bold and beautiful satisfaction in yourself and enjoy all that unfolds in your roller coaster ride! 

Blogging shall be my way of remembering my goals.


Write down all I want to say Cheerio to and  let go off.  So I am going to share all.

2 years ago on 03/02/17  I chose to choose a door on close family that brought me unwanted greif! This past few weeks I have really thinking about things I haven’t dealt with and this has been a major influencer on descions I have made since then. My dad & nanna did not agree with many of our wedding planning decions. I stuck to my choices. They both walked out my life. I wasn’t expecting it or emotioalyy prepared and the way events unfolded the results of this were similar to a sudden death. 

I just decided bury all my feeling and I suppose ignore. With all the events that happened it was in the very 1st week of 2017. Today I have had that light bulb moment where everything made s ensr. Beginning 2017  with these incidents was to new into year, I never closed the lid or finished t h e page.I need to now decide how to say goodbye to this.First of all open lid of box to fix so I can close properly. In 29 days when the clock strikes midnight I am ready and equipped to let it go and freely float clear into the unknown new chapter which is 2019. 

Woohoo! Now I have that 1 clear it’s now 1 big hurdle jumped and clear. What strategy will ensure my 2nd hurdle is as smooth a job? Well who do I need the closure with? My dad and nanna! Was what I said and felt ever known to them? No to both. Do I want face to face contact? No is my session as I know a lot of rejection will occur. Physically seeing them I feel I would be weak. So I feel a written letter to both staring all I feel and why I feel it and reasons to support my actions. Even if their response could be looked at as negative I see repetitive within it. I am expresseing my case and  uninterupted. I let all out and finally let go peacefully and true reasons. The door is ready to close properly.

Oh my goodness how amazing. I have CLARITY! I feel energised knowing what to do to close the lid! I shall do this in a letter this week. Another goodbye is to smoking! More than half of my life I have smoked and it’s time to say that final bye to that sordid dirty love affair with the slow sooking breath that is killing a part of me every day. The crazy thing is I allow it too through choice. Time to salvage what I can and then get the puncture repair kit out to mend my body!

Woohoo I know have clarified the 2 major goodbyes which will occur over next 20 or so days. With smoking I now need to decide what approach is needed to ensure the lid has no way of falling off in 2019! 

I can now focus on individual, family and couple goals. I’m 37 on next birthday. Turning 40 a lot quicker than I think. Ok so where do I want to be in my life at 46?Am I happy at 36?What have I achieved since 26 & 16? 

Another blog post will cover the all important to me answers with my new life goals and the action plan! I am excited and motivated for a huge declutter of what is not needed. I love the feeling of organisation, a place for all as 2018 comes to an end. I am excited about the empty pages still a story to be written that lies in front.

It’s now Monday as I finish off my soul searching Sunday and I feel very calm and happy! Also very sparkly as it is sparkle day at school so I’m covered again in glitter!

Have a lovely day all! Xx

The Magic of December has officially arrived at The Broons residence!

Oh my goodness, December is here, the final countdown of 2018 along with Evies last month of being 5 has arrived. From now until around 05/01/19, I am so busy. I never knew what a crazy December was until i had Evie, even more so since nursery aged 3.  This is main reason I haven’t posted this week as I took a bit of time just to chill completely out without much internet just to by me rested for the madness that he now started. So yesterday Evie was staying with our best friends. Evie & Auds do a Christmas party shop for 3rd year as Evie goes to kids work party. When I realised she was away over night I was gutted. I am so psyched for Elf on Shelf.  I introduce slowly this week explaining the concept of not being touched, and of course following instructions from elf. To attract an elf Evie says Diamonds, gold & glitter should work. I recommend glitter as we don’t have diamonds or much good if any! πŸ˜‚ We shake our dust on 29/11/18. I decided elf will arrive on 30/12/18 but no magic will take place until midnight on 01/12/18!  Cookie Chubby Cheeks was arriving by me putting its footprints in green glitter and making footprints all way into Evies room. Here Cookie Chubby Cheeks was hand glidding down room door! Evies delight and that look of total joy as magic has just came wlive! I will treasure that look for as long as my memory will serve me! on the 30/11/18 Cookie Chubby Cheeks had great fun causing havoc! I am covered in lots of green paint and lots of glue, but making simple fun from my recycling has made me very happy.creating the antics and creating life long memories. Cookie Chubby Cheeks decided to have a party with 3 of Evies favourite teddies. They some how manage to get booze from kitchen and snacks for a midnight feast and have a party on the dolls house rooftop, followed by a sing song on out piano and some rock guitar shenanigans. Pictures sent so Evie could see the antics.Apparent!t laughing her head off. For Evie getting home Cookie had found a swing and Was frozen there until no humans around. I made little instructions, report cards, post boxes and elf helper name tags. Watching Evies expressions and the look of total amazement as she processes the events and instructions is just priceless. There is nothing nicer feeling the sense of gratitude within myself for just using imagination to create magic!  I have included a few pictures of our 1st December 2018.Who else is doing elf on shelf? What are your traditions and joys of December for yoyrselves? Would anyone like to share December activities? I can’t wait to get chance to read what other families world wide are doing.



Fell asleep around 10:30pm last night. Alarm goes of at 05:45, I do the worst thing ever……even worse than snooze!!!!! I press dismiss. Billy does inform me of time as he leaves at 06:30 and I vaguely remember grunting yeah I’ll be up in a minute. Next thing I know instead of me jumping into Evies bed to wake her up with cuddles, it’s her doing it to me. Uh oh! I check time, it’s 08:00, ok don’t panic, everything  for Evie out, we have 55 minutes max. Time for the mantra…(after very quick caffeine fix) We can do it, yes we can! Who can do it? Us Broons can! I have said a lot this week I now function worse with more than 7 hours sleep! Evie is brighter today. I knew just the 1 day off would just ‘re charge her. 

I don’t have time to shower so the quick baby wipe wash has to do. Yesterday’s clothes sitting beside bed so I do an unusual thing for me and throw back on. We were not at school yesterday so no one has seen me! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Tiny bit of make up, throw up hair and stick hair band to hide the mess. Supposed to be at work at 10:00. I finally decide to quit. I  shall call after school drop off as I want to explain though I know they will understand. 

As I get snack ready I spot the LOL kinder egg I got Evie yesterday but I had hid it due to dinner & forgot all about it. We are ready to leave so I say to her oh I have a little present. Honestly her wee face as she sees what it is was is just a delight. She gets a little stamper inside it. “Mummy you are just the best mummy ever, wow I love you so much, thank you!” It cost Β£0.99 and that look you would have thought I had spent a small fortune. I love it.

We make school just as bell rings! Woohoo go us! I see Evies reading recovery teacher so we get the catch up on speech therapy. What a lovely woman. She had speech impediment when young and she told Evie all about it in 1 of her 1 to 1 sessions. We have great chat and I am so proud of what I hear about her.

I get home & decide to email work. I receive a lovely reply from manager saying that she is so sad about the circumstances and understands completely and will give me a reference. When Billy gets home later he is reading local newspaper online and quickly comes through to kitchen and says you made correct descion, read this. Instead of closing January like we were told it is now 27/11/18. Wow! I feel sad for residents and staff as majority been there a long time. So I now have to job hunt from tomorrow again. 

I clean house this morning then go into town this afternoon to pick up my new glasses and a hair dye. Then it’s time to go & get Evie. We are home 5 minutes and Billy gets home at our back. I realise not enough milk to morning, Billy suggests a bottle of whiskey as a treat tonight. Yip this sounds good to me. Once I get back, I walk in door and Evie has her blanket at door and asks me to stand on it. I do and she gives a big speech to me on why she loves me. Honestly it’s sweetest thing ever and lovely  known I am appreciated.

We do homework together and as it’s reading challenge in schools in Scotland we do more of reading challenges on top of homework. Quick bath then supper& bed for Evie. Though she takes over a hour to go to sleep! I enjoy a few whiskeys with Billy but I keep sensible head on as school night.Inbetween I colour my hair misty silver. Billy goes to bed and I relax doing blog and watching tv. I get into bed and oh my goodness the whiskey snores from Billy are deafning. Ok I either smother him or move. I choose the latter. I can still hear loudly on couch so I get all quilts and make a bed up on Evies floor as if I jump in with her she will kick the crap out of me lol! Oh thank goodness tomorrow Friday, I have made mission I shall get merry and be sleeping 1st! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Thank you so much for reading! 

πŸ’˜πŸ’˜ Mrs Broon




The Braw Yin wakes me on couch at 04:30 to go through to bed as he is up. He has always been early riser & as much as he tries he just can’t sleep by 04:30 most days. I jump into our bed and out for count again in a matter of seconds. My alarm goes off at 05:45. Oh I am so tempted to press snooze but I know I will regret it. I literally have to drag myself out of our cozy bed. Oh my goodness vics has been a miracle, my nose has went from green to clear snot and I can breathe so much easier. Though I do feel rather fuzzy in head! The cold has shifted direction!😀

Coffee fix and quick chat with Billy with what need a to be done today.It looks even colder today than yesterday, 1 day I will earn enough so he can retire early and relax. This is in my 5 year goal journal! We say our goodbyes and I get showered. Today I am wearing denim coloured leggins, long sleeved black top with a short sleeved black,red & grey tartanjumper dress. My hair still curly from yesterday so quick comb with moose foam scrunched in and a hair band in. Make up done. I do not look any where near as good as yesterday. See what happens when I get more sleep!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Breakfast made, I decide lists can wait till after I get back from school drop off as my brain not kicked in at all yet. I jump in with Evie. She is shattered, I get the sleepy cuddle. Instantly I can see in her face she is feeling rubbish. Evie loves school, so when she asks to stay off I know she feels rubbish. I decide to get school picture done at later date in town at the photographers and decide a day off together is in order. Should have stayed in pjs! 

School phoned, Makaton group told I can’t get in but they do session between who is there which is great.Meeting with teacher ‘re arranged for tomorrow. Our morning is cuddles, singing and stories. It’s perfect. I am glad of a house day. I also have an important decision to make regarding work. Due to administration it’s closing. We were told January 2019 out jobs would be safe to but I just have this feeling that we are going to be closed in next few weeks. A lot of staff never got paid, I was lucky to get petty cash as only 20hours done as just started. I keep thinking quit while ahead as I think we could be working for nothing. I love the job post. Billy thinks quit and I know he’s right but part of me thinks just take a shift at time! My next shift tomorrow. 

Evie helps with housework. I am just doing basic of basic as I’m feeling worse by hour! Lunch time approaches so Evie helps prepare. Just at that The Braw Yin gets home. He has managed to get a half time with hours he has saved on jobs. I am glad as it’s so cold that even heating on full you can still feel it.

I have a friend in Texas who has daughter same age. So they are writing to each other. I write out letter, Evie tells me what to put in it then she can copy. We have fun doing that while Billy makes shortbread. Rest of our day is just chilled out together relaxing.

I love a lazy family day. As I say regular, it really is the simple things in life!


Mrs Broon