Activities for dementia in care homes.

Apologies again for lack of posts. I began my new work role on 5th March. I have been non stop between work and family. I can’t describe the joy this role is bringing to my life. My husband asked me how I feel knowing that many of residents are at their final stages of life. It was an interesting question. My reply was i feel privileged to be a part of so many wonderful people’s lives in final stages and my personal goal is to bring them joy through activities I create for them.

It’s very important to remember it’s not the person who is controlling their minds it is dementia. So patience is vital along with thick skin as some comments can come across insulting so I do not take personally, I actually find a lot amusing. Another vital point to remember is memory. Many are back to childhood stage or their early adult stages in life. Let them stay there. Do not let them re live things they have forgot about for example if spouse has died but they think they are still alive just let them think this is case as if you tell them they are hearing it for 1st time due to memory loss which could mean re living that bad news several times a day! Some people may have a different opinion on this and perhaps feel it’s patronising or maybe cruel letting them them think they are in their past, but to a person with dementia that is there present, so in my opinion what is the point of upsetting people if it’s the disease! 

In my experience there is 2 scenarios. A person with dementia is looking for their spouse or parent, I could say oh I am not to sure what’s keeping them but let’s go and get a cuppa while we wait and distract the thoughts on to an activity which is bringing that person joy as we chat and do something. Or, I can say oh I am sorry your husband, wife or parent is dead. The person is deeply upset and become erratic and distressed. Personally I use the 1st option every time.

Some activities I have done!

Daily newspapers in morning along with on this day 1969.

 I had researched the news from 50 years ago along with who was Prime Minister and President. I also researched the price of shopping in 1969 with old money along with the price now in 2019. This was really interesting and got the residents happily remembering prices in shillings, crowns, old pennies and so on. Also shocking us all with the prices now. It was a very interesting history lesson personally for me as I wasn’t born then. Plus my husband was around 6 when old money changed, so while I was researching it was lovely for us to do together! 

Arts & Crafts.

From making flowers to making flags for themed days has been fun and thearaputic! Also adult colouring has been a big hit which have been out into frames for residents bedrooms.

Music Threapy.

This is a big hit. The residents love singing and using instruments. It’s so much fun brings laughter and smiles and to me that’s what it’s all about!


I have created many quizzes which are so much fun as exercising brain and triggering memories. Also riddled and finish the sayings have been big hits.

Silly Time.

It does not matter what age you are we all need silly time! I have dressed up as a mascot bear randomly and ran about the home. Telling silly jokes and putting on silly songs just puts smiles on everyone’s faces.
I will be doing a lot more over the few weeks and looking forward to sharing this with you all! 
Love 💘 Mrs Broon! Xx

2 thoughts on “Activities for dementia in care homes.

  1. A. Shepherdson says:

    mrsbroon I enjoyed this post, my father suffered from dementia towards the latter years of his life and passed away Tuesday last. I will respond to this post when I have time because both the nursing staff in hospital and the carehome workers have been wonderful 🙂 .


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