Mindful March! 

Wow 2 months of 2019 gone like the click of my fingers! I don’t know about yourself but I like to set myself goals but instead of doing it as a new year resolution I write down everything I would love to achieve then split in to quarter month goals then an action plan on how to achieve. I find it works for me! 

At end of 2018 I physically and mentally felt drained in so many ways. I was so run down I knew I had to make some changes. My hubby and I both lost our jobs in December. So my January-March goals were to gain weight in a healthy manner, get a job, make time for me and my amazing little family and progress with my Makaton teaching sessions for parents.

01.03.19 & I am so proud of myself as achieved each 1 before the date I set myself which was 30.03.19. I have went from 8 stone 6 pounds to 9 stone 10. I am loving food again. I’m eating breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper with a mid morning and afternoon snack. I feel physically better and don’t look like a drawn in skeleton! My hubby’s cooking has certainly contributed to this! It’s been great having him home. 

I got a new job. I had just started as an activity co-ordinator in nursing home but closed down. I was gutted as only in 2 days when it was announced. So the same role came up in another nursing home which I applied for in January. I had my interview on 05.02.19. I didn’t think I had got it though due to amount of people in for it and never heard anything after a couple of days, but I got the job! Hip hip hooray! Now all my paperwork and checks are through so I start on 5th March. It’s literally round corner from my house, it faces the beach! I am a Tuesday-Thursday 8am-4.30am. It’s the perfect hours! I am really looking forward to the challenge of creating fun and interesting activities for people with dementia. I look forward to blogging about activity planning! I also get to write and direct a pantomime for December! The main 1 I am excited about is devising a programme involving children coming into the home for weekly activities!

Making me time and just quality time with my family has been amazing. Just the simple walk to the park, baking together, reading together etc! You don’t need money to create these priceless memories!Routine has been a biggie for Evie. Making sure  1 to 1 time with both parents as well as a family activity has brought a good structure along with quality time together. it really is the simple things in life! 

Makaton at my daughter’s school has been a pleasure! It’s been great teaching it to other parents. We have been doing stage 1-4, creating little storie & games to be able to do with our kuds. The head teacher has asked me to now do a kids after school activity teaching them 1 day a week. 

So my March goals are work planning and settling into new role at work, a new routine at home to ensure we still have that quality time and activities using Makaton! It will be a fun, busy and productive month ahead. And I’m going to try and blog most days in March! I hope everyone’s 2019 so far has been what you have been aiming for.

💓 Mrs Broon! 

2 thoughts on “Mindful March! 

    • mrsbroon says:

      Thanks andrew. 1 tip always remember when doing something with your father make sure it’s something he won’t fail or loose at.
      Also have you considered a hobby box? Your father was a teacher? So perhaps all things he used as a teacher, like a mini black board, chalk, marking materials anything he would have used in a day to day basis, same idea for a keen hobby.

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