Reminiscing….Part 2!

To save some money with wedding costs I decided to do a lot myself! I was gobsmacked at prices of invites, table plans and many bits & bobs I didn’t even think about while planning a wedding. Once I began the process I understood why. I’m a girl who loved sparkle and glitter. Our invitations I bought sparkly glitter card, ribbon, hearts and thought how hard could it be? 150 invitations later my house was like a silver glitter ball. We are sweet toothed people so I wanted a sweetie cart. At a minimum of £150 to hire 1 for the evening I thought no I shall make 1. I bought a set of jars at £15, modge podge, glitter, sweet bags, scoops and sweets at a grand total of £50. My poor hubby wasn’t even near the stuff & he had blue glitter in his boxers😂. Favours I got Sun flower seeds, navy satin matarial, little tags and made a slogan, ‘Plant seed, watch them bloom, just like the love of the madden-broons ‘. Grand total of £15 for 150 favours! I made bunting for tables and our centre peices I made glitter wine bottles with our table numbers. I now have glitter in our house as it took WEEKS to get rid of. A table plan I used a mirror. Oh my goodness the stress I felt with that dam seating plan trying to sit people who would get on round a table is harder than you think. Several weeks of staying up to small hours in morning doing all this was worth it. On the morning of wedding seeing all in place made me so proud!

My hen night I needed away, it was 2 weeks before the big day.I needed relaxation! 5 of my favourite girls & myself booked into a stunning countryhouse hotel up the North of Scotland for a spa break. I don’t walk well in heels but I thought since I was only in hotel we would not be walking far, restaurant was in hotel so I would wear this 1 night. We spent afternoon getting all glammed up. My girls pulled out some great treats for me. I was so looking forward to our meal and cocktails.We got glammed up, bounced on beds like little children, me & my best mate also a bridesmaid were so excited as we had young kids, so to be out over night and no responsibility made us rather hyper.

 We all took our time getting ready then I had your classic hen night regalia to wear with veil, sash, a willie straw etc. I got my high heals on with my dress and off we went to the other side for our dinner. I can’t actually remember what I ordered but as I was getting tucked in to my meal 2 of my girlfriends were sneaking off apparently to loo, but I knew they were going to room to do some stuff. Just at that the lights went out. All you heard from other tables was oh stripper for the hen! I just growled at the rest of the girls not that they could see as it was pitch black! No it was not a stripper but a powercut! We were evacuated outside, by this it was snowing. We had to clamber down fire escape stairway in bloody 6 inch heels and stand outside in a mini dress. By this stage I wished it was a stripper as it least it would be warm and I could finish my dinner! 90 minutes later we got put into a dark room with candles and no booze! Thankfully we used my friend’s diabetes to our advantage (her idea) by saying we needed her insulin! So we got escorted back with torches. We asked if we could just stay in room. My poor bestie was in tears as they were not even out restaurant when lights went out and escorted back to us. All they wanted to do was put some decorations up and set up some games for me. We had glow sticks so had a crazy dark race with our glow sticks. 3 hours later the lights came on! Then the games began. It was the most halirious night which I will never forget. Thankfully the next day was a day of relaxation and pampering! Oh and I almost forgot the most tastiest afternoon tea I have ever had!

As said in part 1 my dad decided not to be a part of our day, so I had to decide who was to walk me down the isle. My great uncle offered who we now call The Warrier! Honestly what an honour it was to have him do this for me! I will be eternally grateful! 

18/02/17 finally arrived. I stayed at my step daughter’s house with Evie& my best friend Amanda.I woke calm and relaxed though I did down a quick whiskey before going to the hairdressers. My chief bridesmaid was my cousin who travelled from England. I was over the moon when she arrived at 9am as stayed at hotel a few towns away.I had 4 bridesmaids and my Evie as a flower girl and our nephew as Paige boy , stepson as best man and Billys 2 best friends as ushers. 

Us ladies went to venue at 11am where I had my own private suite for us to get ready. 2 of my closest friends are make up artists so as a gift they did all our makeup. I had all my girls & my wee mumsy together. When I entered venue I cried my eyes out at the prettiness of it all. We had such a lovely morning & afternoon drinking prosecco and rose wine. I could not nor wanted to get drunk. My bestie had nipped to the lol and and running back in crying hysterically! She was like “I have just spoke to Billy I asked him if he was nervous, his reply I have been waiting for this moment all of my life no point being nervous!” Poor Amanda spent most of day in happy tears and she was surprised she never once cried at her big day. 

The time came to get my dress on. My wedding fairy god mother who was Jennifer who did my flowers and gifts and decorated venue helped me into dress. My great uncle arrived, I held my bouquet close to my chest which had 3 charms of my gran, grandad and uncle who had passed away so I felt I had them all with me. It was now time to walk down the isle. It was the most magical beautiful 20 minutes of my life. We said our vows, as the registrar said do you take this woman to be your wife out daughter shouted and me too, everyone erupted into laughter. As we were married, Evie looked at me and sang ‘The Broon Song’ to me as I was finally a Broon! It goes like this:

Mammy Broon went up the toon,

Wi her knickers hanging doon,

Saw a ghost,

Eating toast,

Half way up a lamppost.

After family and friends had took pictures and we had signed registrar I had planned for me and hubby to nip over to our local pub. It was an ongoing joke that Billy would run to the pub as soon as we were married. So I arranged for us to do tigether. Honestly everyone’s face as we walked in was priceless! We had 2 quick drinks then back to the venue for our meal and speeches, my uncle had everyone in happy tears.Our 1at dance was halirious but you can read about that on a previous post!

 Half way through the reception we left to go to a country hotel a few miles away for the night. It was lovley. The next day I went down to order our breakfast. There was a man and I asked him if I could order 2 fry ups for our room. He looked at me and said he was not staff he was here on a project. I apologised and said I was just married, arrived late in evening so I wasn’t familiar with morning staff. He looked at me strangely and walked away! Found staff and got out breakfast. As me & Billy were outside waiting on our taxi to go home he got all excited and was like look Jacqueline, it’s Bill Patterson! I was like who??? I asked him for our breakfast this morning and he looked at me as if I was crazy. My hubby looked at me mortified then named off films he was in. I was like oh whoops no wonder he looked at me as if I was crazy! 
So I hope you enjoyed my trip down memory lane!

Love Mrs Broon 💓

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