Good morning everyone, it’s been a while, this shall be explained in a mo. I hope your all well and having a lovely start to January.

Well the reason I haven’t been around is due to having a breakdown. It was tough, I hut rock bottom with a serious dunt. It just crept up so quickly and took my feet away from me so to speak. To busy looking after everyone else, I forgot about a very important person who ofcourse was me! I won’t go into the in’s & outs as it’s personal and would rather keep my private life just that…..PRIVATE.

What is good & I am more than happy to discuss/ share is my recovery! 1 of many things I feel is important is realising what happend, why it happend, being kind to myself about it and of course learning from it & moving on. I have found the right coping mechanisms for me and also knowing if a bad day looks as if it’s happening I have found the way that works for me. I am going through to my bed, listening to my body and letting myself sleep, reading a book and enjoying my bubblegum of what some people may call rubbish tv. 

I also have been off social media for almost a month. Did I miss it? Only WordPress as I have became find of blogging as I find therapeutic and feel the WordPress community is a kind 1. I went on Facebook last night for first time in weeks simply just to save my pictures as I restarted my tablet but forgot to save my pictures, honestly it was same rubbish people were still complaining about, so now I have all my pictures I have deleted. Deleting all negative things from my life has been important as what’s the point of feeling down. 

My family are amazing, I appreciate them in a different way now. The way they have supported me, have me tough love when needed is just what I needed. The appreciation and love I have for these people, I have no words to describe and hopefully through actions and time they will see how much they mean to me.

Looking forward to getting back to blogging, I have a few ideas and hope you enjoy!

Have a lovely day all 

💖Mrs Broon 



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